All-round supplier of food, non-food, facility and technical products for the maritime sector

Our Vision

Den Helder Stores BV invests in long-term relationships. With our customer base we have established strong ties which are as important to us as our relationships with our suppliers. They are parties that we trust and we can rely on.

This applies also to our team of professionals. A close-knit group of people who has been working with us for a long time. Our personnel has an excellent knowledge of the industry and like to go the extra mile. Due to their clear communication, flexibility and knowing how the ask the right questions, they know how to fulfill the clients wishes. That’s how we ensure our mission to provide the same quality, 24/7 and that the right goods arrive on board at the appointed time.

We believe that the right quality benefits the welfare of the crew. If our clients, suppliers, consumers and our employees are satisfied, then we have completed the full circle. Den Helder Stores B.V. makes the difference.