All-round supplier of food, non-food, facility and technical products for the maritime sector

Our Company

As all-round supplier of food, non-food, facility and technical products for the maritime sector, Den Helder Stores BV offers a non-stop service. We guarantee 24 hours a day, seven days a week an optimum service at a high quality. We are proud of our services and the good relationships we have built over the years with our customers and suppliers.

Our Staff

Managing Director

Managing director

Frank Lap

The core of this business is still exactly the same as twenty years ago when I was a schoolboy on Saturday helping to supply the ships. The service level is high, we never say no. We are always available and deliver 24/7. We seek the best balance between price and quality. Therefore, we have loyal customers and suppliers. Our customers know that we keep our promises.”

Finance/account department

Kimberly Kaandorp

If the order is ready, we will check if all the goods are there and everything is entered correctly in the system. Then we print the invoice. By reviewing the orders we are the last link in the chain. Our office has an open structure, we sit with our various departments close together and so we can easily reflect. All colleagues think along with customers and with each other. No one is here on an island.”

Angelique Bakker

Nel Wehnes

Customs/Order Entry/Transport planning

Maxime Pisters

If the order is received, the customer needs to do no more. Our department regulates all forms and formalities that come with the orders. I'm a stickler and that's a good thing, because the customs want to know exactly what we have delivered and to whom. Our AEO certification helps: the customs knows us as a reliable partner. We have a good working relationship with the authorities.”

Boyd van der Plas

Shayenne Schmaltz

Willem Fokker

Jeffrey de Keijzer

Jordy Portier

Container Handling

Lucien Durant

We are a close team, everyone takes their responsibility. If it is busy or it gets late, everybody is willing to stay longer to get the job done. The customer and the quality of the products are for us the most important. We like to think with the client. If you are long at sea it is extra nice that the food and other products meet the quality, you asked for. We make every effort to arrange that. We never say no.”

Shannon Blom


Rob Sterk

Cheryl Baijer

Jennifer Erkamp

Menno van den Broeke

Aron Hoelandt

Twan Riteco

Bianca Plooy

Bea Vos

Lucy Vos


Jeroen Izaaks

Arnold van Zurk

Henk Snel

Sales representative

Hildert Terwisscha- van Scheltinga

I visit our customers, have contact with the chefs, captains, engineers and know what is happening on board. I am the business card of our company. As a link between customers and colleagues in the office, I translate the wishes of the customer. We have built long-term relationships, because everyone is willing go the extra mile to complete deliveries efficiently. No chef can cook with credit notes or backorders. At Den Helder Stores BV, we value the wellbeing of the crew.””