All-round supplier of food, non-food, facility and technical products for the maritime sector


WE SUPPLY: Food, non-food, facility products, technical products
WE SUPPLY TO: Wind, oil and gas industry, salvage and dredging companies, fishing industry, merchant marine
WE DELIVERY TO: All dutch, german and belgian ports, through our global network Wrist we can also supply to other european countries
DELIVERIES: We are a non-stop company and provide 24/7

The modern warehouse of Den Helder Stores BV at the Schrijndersweg meets the current requirements, but is also equipped with a view to the future. It is designed so that the flow of goods is efficiently and quickly processed. In the he spacious, modern stockrooms and in the freezer and refrigerator spaces a large stock is always ready. That means for the customer a quick delivery of the required goods.